Signs That The Time Has Come for a Water Heater Replacement in Oklahoma City

While water heaters are built to last for many years, the day will come when the homeowner must start thinking about a Water Heater Replacement in Oklahoma City. In most cases, there are some signs that begin to emerge in the weeks and months leading up to the failure of the old unit. By recognizing these signs that the end is near, it is much easier to plan ahead and be ready to replace the heater quickly.

Rust Around the Bottom of the Tank

While there is only a little rust around the base of the tank, that does indicate that there is more deterioration than what the homeowner can see from the outside. That rust is likely being caused by small leaks that are beginning to form within the structure of the heater. Even if the unit is still providing a sufficient supply of hot water, it pays to begin setting aside some money for a new one.

Tepid Water

The homeowner notices that the heater seems to be running more frequently, but the water is barely warm. After installing a new heating element, things do seem a little better, but the water is still not as hot as it should be. Rather than learning to like lukewarm showers, it makes sense to begin making plans for a Water Heater Replacement in Oklahoma City.

Strange Sounds From the Heater

For many years, the water heater would activate and run without making hardly any sound at all. In fact, it was hard to tell when the unit was running. Over the last few weeks, it has begun to make some strange noises. That is a good sign that something within the mechanism is about to fail. Depending on the age of the heater and the type of component that is involved, the cost of repair may be so close to the expense of buying a new heater that it makes sense to move forward with the replacement.

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