Simple Options For Termite Prevention

Many people in the southern United States see intensive chemical termite treatment solutions as the only way to control the highly destructive invaders in their home or commercial property. There are actually other very effective ways to provide termite prevention to the exterior of the home or property that will help decrease the risk of termites without using chemical termite prevention treatments. Termite prevention begins with just keeping up with a few simple tasks around the home.

Routine termite treatment should always be used if termites are currently present, as this will get rid of any populations of termites in the property while also preventing termites from effecting any other part of the property in the future.

Clear Wood Away

Both subterranean and drywood termites are common throughout the southern parts of the United States. Both feed on wood or cellulose materials in or on the property, with subterranean termites particularly enjoying fiberboard and even paper.

Termite prevention includes removing all wood that makes contact with the soil around the property, including any wood siding on the home. Wood siding should always be at least an inch above the ground surface. Pick up downed limbs on the ground around the home and avoid wood planters or raised bed gardens that touch the home.

Take out all stumps and rotting/dead trees, shrubs or bushes as soon as possible. By keeping them out of the entire yard area, the space is less attractive to termites.

Water Issues

Termites love moist soil areas. Termite prevention includes making sure the soil is sloping from the home to the yard to keep moisture or dampness from collecting around the foundation of the home. Also, check all roof downspouts and insulate all of the pipes running in or out of the house which may be causing condensation to collect on the pipe, around the wood of the home, or in the soil underneath.

Make sure any damage to the exterior of the home, including damaged siding, cracks in the bricks or surfacing on the exterior walls, and cracks in the foundation of the home are patched and repaired to ensure comprehensive termite prevention.

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