Smoke it Up: Rigs in Long Island

Tobacco products have come a long way from the corn-cob pipe. Today smokers have a plethora of accessories to use while smoking tobacco. And while some of these items may seem new and inventive, some actually go back to a time before cigarettes and pipes.

Tobacco is actually one of the world’s oldest crops; the native people of the Americas were planting, harvesting, drying and smoking it long before European explorers came to the New World. However, upon tobacco’s introduction to the populous of Europe, the demand for it sky-rocketed as the nobles and commoners alike flocked to this new sensation. With this new demand, people had to come up with new ways to enjoy the smoking of the tobacco. Primarily early European smokers enjoyed their tobacco through the use of pipes, as this was how the Native Americans taught the explorers to smoke. But like most things, people looked for new and inventive ways to enjoy their smoke. Soon, Hookah’s were introduced from the Far East, which then gave birth to the modern-day bong or water pipe. Cigars, which is nothing more than tobacco rolled tightly in dried tobacco leaves, still holds today as the preferred choice of smoking to the elite of society, but is often enjoyed by everyone.

It wasn’t until 1865 that the first cigarette was invented. However, this form of smoking didn’t become popular until World Wars I and II, when cigarettes were rationed to soldiers. Cigarettes have adopted various slang names over the years, cigs, rigs in Long Island, ciggies, smokes, and bogeys are just a few examples.

Creating new ways to smoke tobacco is still a passion, and in some cases, an art form. Professional artisans like glass blowers are constantly coming up with new designs for tobacco smoking devices and accessories. Just about any design can be turned into a tobacco smoking device or accessory. And with the creativity involved in the tobacco smoking accessory industry, there are many stores that specialize in selling the very best and most creative of these products. Finding these shops is as easy as looking up “Rigs in Long Island” in any search browser, and the list of local tobacco shops will become available.


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