Social Security Is A Financial Lifeline For Many

by | May 23, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Social Security in the United States dates back to the administration of President Roosevelt; it was designed to provide financial assistance for those who had reached retirement age. Many years later, 1956 to be exact, the program was enlarged to take into account those that were unable to earn a living due to a physical or mental disability. After all these years Social Security in Missouri provides benefits for millions of disabled and retired workers.

Problems with applying for benefits:

There are rarely any problems for those that are applying for their retirement benefits; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those applying for disability benefits. Approximately three quarters of all applications for disability benefits are denied, thus forcing the applicant to either abandon the process or appeal the decision.

The appeal process:

There are four levels in the appeals process:

   * Request for reconsideration
   * Hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge
   * Review by the Appeals Council
   * Federal lawsuit

The greatest majority of appeals for Social Security I Missouri are settled at the hearing stage, chances are that if you were among the majority that were denied benefits you will also be denied when you ask for reconsideration.

ALJ hearing:

When your request for reconsideration is also denied, you can request a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. If you did not engage the services of an attorney that specializes in Social Security cases, this is definitely the time to do it. With an attorney you have a good chance of being approved, the chances are far less if you decide to attend the hearing without legal assistance.

Your attorney will have had many opportunities to attend hearings, he or she will know what kind of questions to expect and can help you with your answers. Both you and the Administration can bring expert witnesses into the hearing as well.

If you are disabled and you want to collect Social Security in Missouri you are well advised to hire a seasoned attorney that focuses on Social Security issues. You are invited to discuss your case with the Grundy Disability Group. Follow us on

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