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There are very few people that will not opt for an electric air hand dryer over either paper or cloth towels. Paper and cloth towels are not hygienic, they require constant filling and in the case of paper towels, they are messy and must be disposed of.

In the past hand dryers took some time to completely dry a users hands, this was due to the heaters and motors that were used for these devices. When the user approached the dryer, hit the button and placed his or her hands under the outlet nozzle it took about 45 seconds to compete the process.

Forty five seconds is not a lot of time; that is assuming that you can gain access to the dryer the moment you have finished washing your hands. What happens if there are four or five people waiting to use the dryer; then you have to wait for some time. The result was that many people simply left the restroom, wiping their hands on their clothes or perhaps they had a tissue or handkerchief.

This problem has now been solved thanks to new technology, fast drying hand dryers are now commonly available and what once took 45 seconds now takes little more than 10 to 15 seconds, a dramatic improvement.

Although the drying time has improved, the benefits of a hand dryer are all still there, as a matter of fact the advent of the fast drying hand dryer even improved things more as they are even more energy efficient as they run for a shorter period of time.

Hand dryers have long been known as a superior way to dry ones hands. The machine is available at any time of the day, there is no need for someone to be constantly refilling the machine as there is with paper and cloth towels and it is cost efficient. Most people have at one time or another went into a public restroom only to find the place swamped with water. This is always a favorite trick of vandals who take a stack of paper towels and plug the toilets and drains and walk away with the water running, this is not a possibility with a fast drying hand dryer.

Paper towels are germ laden once they have been used, when they are on the floor and overflowing a waste basket the possibility of coming into contact with bacteria and germs is high. As there is no rubbish generated with a hand dryer they are much more hygienic as well.

There is no longer any reason to walk out of a public restroom with wet hands as a fast drying hand dryer is now available. World Dryer has developed a hand dryer that does in a few seconds what in the past took close to a minute. Click here for more information.

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