Starch Adhesive Provides Several Advantageous Results

As the industrial world is growing and changing every day, one thing that continues to be a big priority is to conserve resources and prevent waste as much as possible. Streamlining production and discovering new and more environmentally friendly is something that has become the goal of many industries in recent years. For adhesive manufacturers, this is no different. Starch adhesive is one of the strongest and most economical types of glues anyways, and now, there is a type of starch mixing system that helps to save even more resources, especially water.

Starch Adhesive Is Strong And Consistent

Starch glue is made primarily from the combination of glue and starch granules that have been mixed together and heated up for a specific length of time. The starch granules expand and what is left is a very thick mixture that has a spreadable viscosity and a great level of tack. There are certain additives that you can put into the mixture, in order to improve its overall performance or give it added qualities. Starch glue will dry quickly, and it is well-known for being very strong and durable. It will last for years and withstand a variety of conditions. It bonds exceptionally well with corrugated materials.

Starch Adhesive Is Environmentally Friendly

Starch adhesive is attractive for various reasons, one of the biggest of which is that it is environmentally friendly. After all, starch is readily available from a wide variety of sources. Also, as long as you have the right type of system, you can mix up your own glue. This glue system is designed to reduce the amount of starch that is used in making a batch of glue as much as possible, while still producing good, strong and reliable glue. In addition, this starch mixing system reuses residual water to avoid wasting it.

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