Stay Sharp: Keeping Your Drill Bits in Tip-Top Shape

You work hard, and your tools work hard for you. And just as you maintain your body after a long day of work, your tools need the care to keep them in the best working shape. Carbide drill bits take an especially hard hit since they are used to drill through masonry of all types, and require a little extra care to make sure they are functioning at peak efficiency.

1. Pay attention to the level of pressure on your drill and the angle at which you are drilling. It’s easy to dull or break a carbide drill bit if you are not using your drill correctly. These bits are not made to function at odd angles or under too much pressure.

2. Keep that drill moving. Don’t try to force a hole through masonry in one shot; lift your drill out of the hole often so that you can wipe off any debris buildup from the bit. Taking a second to inspect your drill bit also allows you the chance to make sure the drill bit is still functioning properly as your work.

3. Get the bits regularly sharpened. When a carbide drill bit is not cutting as fast as usual, have a professional sharpen it. Working with a dull bit not only affects the quality of your work, but it can further damage the bit. Instead of replacing the whole bit, take preventative steps by regularly maintaining the drill bit.

4. Store the bits in a sturdy container. Not only does a bit of organization make it easier to find your drill bits, but it can also prevent damage in case the bits are ever knocked over.

These are just a few important suggestions towards maintaining the usefulness of your carbide drill bits. Take care of your tools, and you can expect a long life of efficiency from them.

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