Steampunk Influences on Fashion and Home Décor

Steampunk has had strong influences on many aspects of design from fashion to home décor. Even the popular performing troupe Cirque du Soleil included a steampunk inspired theme with their show “Kurio”. Steampunk design is steeped in history with the Victorian era playing a major role for inspiration. The rich colours and fabrics of Victorian homes , heavily detailed clothing styles of the time, the onset of the industrial age and the invention of steam driven vehicles and machines are all major considerations in steampunk. The look is by far one of the most intriguing design influences of the new millennium.

Steampunk Inspired Jewellery

Jewellery is an easy target for steampunk design much due to the easy introduction of metals. Silver is a favoured metal for steampunk jewellery, however interesting combinations using brass, bronze and copper are also common. The industrial age is a strong influence on steampunk jewellery and it is not uncommon to see jewellery items mimicking machinery details such as dials, cogs and wheels. Heavily crafted items are common, but there are also delicate more feminine touches taking their cues from the Victorian lady in cameos and filigreed details. Lockets, pocket watches and chokers are also common elements of steampunk inspired jewellery. Lace instead of chains can be used for chokers and multiple lengths of chain create interesting necklaces. Men’s’ jewellery includes steampunk cufflinks in brass with cog detailing.

Steampunk Inspired Fashion

Fashion is inspired by steampunk as well with militaristic overcoats with larger lapels and brass buttons, longer lengthy coats with fitted waists and elegant leather gloves complete with delicate buttons. Velvet in vests and jackets are a more upper class look whereas the working man’s clothes appear in interesting accessories that might include leather tool belts and aprons. Ladies fashions with can can look skirts take their cues from the wild west of America, and corsets are sexy and worn on vests as well as interesting backing detail on dresses and blouses. Flouncy sleeves for both men and women are not unheard of and there is also a leaning towards layering with a call back to the vest.

Steampunk Inspired Furnishings

Even home furnishings are seeing a steampunk trend. Wall art using metals such as copper and brass have made a comeback often incorporating reclaimed items such as pipes and fittings. Pipes and fittings are also appearing as the legs of coffee tables. Interesting items such as surgical wheeled utility tables are being used as kitchen islands and heavily tufted and buttoned ottomans and chairs in velvet are adding a softer touch to spaces. Leather sofas and chairs in rich browns and wines are popping up behind desks and in the corners of elegant dens and living rooms.


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