Steps to Take When Working with a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Nassau County, NY

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Lawyers

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Are you looking at foreclosure? Did you get behind on your monthly payments due to a change in your financial circumstances? If so, you aren’t alone. Many over the past few years have found themselves in danger of losing their home. This doesn’t mean all is lost. With the help of a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Nassau County NY, you may still be able to keep your home. The one thing you shouldn’t do is wait until a sale is pending though. Contact an attorney today. Here are some other steps to take to prevent foreclosure of your home.

Make sure you keep copies of all communications with your home mortgage lender. Make a note of the date and time you were contacted, the person you spoke to, the method of communication, and what occurred during the communication. If the lender comes back at a later date and disputes what you say, you have a record of exactly what took place and when. The more information you have documented, the easier it is to support your case.

If any oral requests are made, you need to follow up in writing. Anytime you send something to the lender, make sure you send it by certified mail. Ask for a return receipt also so you can prove not only that the lender received the communication, but also when it arrived at their facility. Make sure you keep a copy of the communication for your personal records along with any supporting documents which were sent.

Never move out of the home. If you do so, it may limit your options as lenders often require you to be residing in a residence for special programs. If the lender tells you to move out, you need to dispute this. They cannot force you to leave without taking legal action.

If you find you need help, contact a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Nassau County NY. Visit Jeff H. Morgenstern PLLC to discuss your situation and look for ways to resolve it without you losing the home. Be sure to bring the documentation you have to this meeting. New programs are being developed every day to help homeowners in your situation so the longer you can delay the process, the more likely you are to get the desired results and stay in your home.

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