Stop Lime Scale

Corrosion of plumbing pipes and kitchen and bath fixtures from lime scale deposits is a common problem. Hard water associated with the build-up of lime scale in a plumbing system can be corrected with proper treatment. To stop lime scale in a building water supply, remediation of too high a density of metal is required. Electronic descaling attacks mineral ionization at the molecular level so that hardening does not result. When sourcing the right solution to the effects of hard water, electronic descaling offers the most effective mitigation of lime scale causing mineral deposits.

The Hazards of Pipe Corrosion

The damaging effects of lime scale in a residential, commercial, or industrial building can have costly outcomes. Damaged appliances, equipment, fixtures, and plumbing infrastructure are some of the most commonly seen effects. If a high efficiency boiler is subject to continuous lime scale accumulation, the uninterrupted flow of water required for energy efficiency will not be present. Higher utility bills can be a direct consequence of lime scale cumulus interfering with water flows.

Electronic water descaling systems are the most recommended technology to stop lime scale in tap water by plumbers. Prevention of the corroding elements of lime scale and potential galvanization of pipes and appliances is easy with an electric descaling system.

What is Electro-magnetic Water Descaling?

Since the invention of electronic water descaling, the condition of water has been effectively transformed without the hassle of conventional water softening. Unlike conventional water softener systems that rely on granule, powder, or solid chemicals or salts, electronic descaling is a technological method of eliminating the negative effects of metals molecular synthesis in water.

Electronic descaling system use electro-magnetic frequency waves to interfere with the exchange of ions between metals and other surfaces. The result is that ions only adhere to water, reducing the hardening effect causing lime scale deposits. Once installed, an electronic descaler monitors and controls for the quality of a water supply.

The Eco-Friendly Solution to Lime Scale

Designed to promote sustainable water supplies, the electronic descaling system are a computerized technology engineered to outperform conventional methods of softening water. Descaling does not use the chemicals and salt used in traditional water softening systems, which discharge those outputs to wastewater treatment facilities. This ultimately causes more environmental damage to precious water resources.

Descaling technologies cease the hardening of water at the molecular level. Electronic descaling eliminates the need for additional chemical inputs, and requires no additional maintenance or filters to operate. To stop lime scale buildup and improve energy efficiency in a home, commercial building, or industrial facility, and conserve energy usage in a building, an electronic water descaling system is the most efficient and effective solution.

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