Straighten Out Your Teeth, Your Life, and Your Look with Invisalign

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Dentist

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While traditional metal braces are still used today, oftentimes it is possible for people to skip the ‘metal mouth’ look and utilize revolutionary Invisalign braces instead. For those who are interested in achieving a straighter smile line this type of treatment is a truly remarkable breakthrough and involves the use of a series of transparent aligners to effectively straighten your teeth in as little as two months. While this treatment, and its longevity greatly depend on each individuals oral state it is definitely worth considering and contacting your dentist to see if it is a viable option for you.

Invisalign Braces Allow for a Gentler Tooth Straightening Experience

In order to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatments you will need to make a visit to your local cosmetic dentistry office. There they can assess the current state of your teeth, and come up with a customized plan in order to achieve the best results for you. Once it has been determined that you are an approved candidate, the transparent aligners apply slight yet constant force to your current teeth assisting them into the proper alignment of your mouth. These aligners are set to be worn for around two weeks, at which time the next in your series will be inserted until your teeth have made their way into the correct position.

Contact Your Local Cosmetic Dental Professionals Today

As an added benefit, beyond the initial appointments once your Invisalign series is made you will not need to make the time to schedule multiple fitting appointments. While the number of transparent aligners will vary from person to person, the end result includes perfectly straight teeth that you will be happy to flash the world. If you are searching Chicago for Invisalign dentists contact the professionals at Art of Modern Dentistry. They can help you get on the road to a more aesthetically pleasing smile today.

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