Student Living: The Many Disadvantages of Having to Live on Campus

You aren’t sure if you’re going to be looking for apartments for rent in Springfield, MO, or if you’re going to be staying on campus. The following are some disadvantages of staying on campus just so you know.

No Privacy

Some people love the idea of having roommates, but that could get noisy. If you’re the kind of student who prefers to be alone or would rather be with students who value peace as much as you, you may want to consider off-campus living. You can be alone or choose the people you want to stay with.

No Space

One thing you’re going to notice when you check out apartments for rent in Springfield, MO, is that they’re quite spacious. This is a major difference from dorm living because you’ll have virtually no space. If you value space, then off-campus living is for you.

Less Control

There’s a lot you can’t do in a dorm, like cooking among other things. If you want a little more freedom, you’re going to have to go off-campus. There, you’ll be able to cook your food if that’s what you want to do. You’ll be surprised how much a student spends eating out all the time. Plus, living on your own allows you to practice adulting because you’ll probably be living on your own sooner or later.

The 505 Springfield has all sorts of apartments for you, so make sure you visit to find out what they offer so that you can set up your apartment tour as soon as possible.

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