Studying For A CDL In Illinois

Statistics show that commercial trucks haul 70-percent of America’s freight. Indeed, the economy depends on trucks and truckers. That is why the country needs well-trained truckers. Interested candidates should attend truck driving school to secure a CDL in Illinois.

What Is A CDL?

Holding a Class-A CDL means a driver can operate a tractor-trailer. On the other hand, drivers holding a Class-B CDL are limited to straight trucks. Anyone with a CDL can take advantage of the many jobs available in the lucrative trucking industry. The American Trucking Association says the average salary is over $50,000 per year.

Increase Your Income With Endorsements

Not only do students get a CDL in Illinois, they have the opportunity to study for trucking endorsements. Endorsements require special skills that allow drivers to make more money. For example, drivers with a HAZMAT endorsement may transport hazardous waste and material.

Drivers with the doubles/triples endorsement are considered heavy-load drivers. Likewise, the tanker endorsement is valued because it takes special safety skills to drive tanker trucks.

Students Must Study For Many Hours

Truck driving schools offer classes seven-days a week to accommodate busy schedules. The regular full-time program includes forty-hours of classroom study per week. Further, students can participate in the program on a part-time basis. If all goes well, full-time students can sit for the CDL in four weeks.

Students learn valuable information in class including traffic laws, road signs and trucking regulations. Part of the invaluable instruction is learning how to keep records. Truckers must maintain a log book and keep track of deliveries. Other skills taught include loading a truck and proper weight distribution.

The safety training that schools offer is invaluable. Most schools have a driving range where students practice. Skills are taught like backing up, turning around, parking and signaling. In addition, students get a hands-on opportunity to drive commercial trucks.

Experts say attending trucking school is the fastest and safest way to get a CDL license. Imagine, industrious students are able to enter a new career in just a few weeks. Like other schools, financial aid is available to help with tuition. Get started today by visiting Website.

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