Substance Abuse In Minnetonka: Learn The Signs And Symptoms

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Health

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Sometimes, people can use prescription or recreational drugs without it causing addiction or having adverse effects. For most, however, using these substances becomes a way to escape from their problems or makes them feel good about themselves, at least during use. The problem is that substance abuse in Minnetonka rarely fixes anything, and causes new problems or leaves them feeling ashamed and helpless.

Understand It

The first step, whether it is you who are abusing drugs or someone close to you, is to understand addiction. Why does it happen to some and not others? Why can some people use once or twice and leave it alone again? These questions aren’t easy to answer because each individual may use for a different reason (or reasons).

Many try them because they’re curious or because of peer pressure. They find that it helps them relax or have less stress and may continue using them. Over time, their body can’t function properly without these drugs, so they must keep using or have withdrawal symptoms, which aren’t pleasant. Because they cannot stop without causing more problems to their body, they have become addicted to the drug.

Other reasons that drug use can turn to addiction include family history, traumatic experiences, mental problems and more.


Each drug is likely to have different physical effects, but some of the signs and symptoms of each drug are similar. Common substance abuse signs in Minnetonka include neglecting responsibilities, taking unnecessary risks when you’re high, getting into legal trouble and problems with relationships. If you find yourself using more to achieve the same effect, you may be addicted. Likewise, you may stop doing activities you used to love or find yourself waiting and desiring the next hit.

Substance abuse in Minnetonka doesn’t have to take over your life. Visit River Ridge now to find out how they can help.

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