Sure Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Swimming Pool’s Liner

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Construction and Maintenance

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A vinyl pool provides a low-cost and easy-to-maintain option when it comes to swimming pools. The main component that makes a vinyl pool so easy to use, however, is also the feature that will need to be replaced from time to time. The vinyl pool liner can break down over time, leading to necessary replacement to ensure a safe and comfortable pool. Here are a few signs that pool liner replacement in Fayette County may be in your future.

One great feature of a vinyl pool liner is that it can often be repaired if leaks are caught quickly enough. However, at some point, multiple leaks should be considered to be a sign that it is time for pool liner replacement in Fayette County. Large leaks can damage the outer shell of your pool or wash away the filler sand that keeps the liner level. If this occurs, you could be in for major repairs that cost far more than the price of a new pool liner.

Loss of Color
Due to the way they are made, vinyl pool liners are more susceptible to fading and staining than other types. If the liner is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods or if the water contains too much chlorine, the aesthetics of the liner can suffer as a result. In addition to looking bad, though, a stained or faded liner could also be symptomatic of a liner that is beginning to deteriorate, as prolonged exposure to excess chlorine could begin to break down the plastic compounds in the liner, leading to other issues.

Constant exposure to chlorine and UV rays will eventually dry out the compounds in your pool’s liner, leaving it vulnerable to cracks. These cracks can lead to large leaks that could damage other components of your pool. If you notice your liner drying out, it is best to have it replaced before more damage can occur. That way, you experience the least interruption to the enjoyment of your backyard paradise.

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