Switching To The Enersys Forklift Battery For Wisconsin Plants And Facilities

Electric forklifts are a critical part of many different companies, plants, production facilities, and warehouses. They are used to unload and load trucks, to track inventory, to move materials and to provide easy, safe and efficient handling of light to heavy loads through Wisconsin businesses.

Quiet and free from any emissions, electric forklifts do have one drawback. They run on batteries, which means they have to be charged on a regular basis that is determined by the amount of use and the quality of the batteries. Cheap batteries may see to be cost-effective, but they simply don’t last.

These factors have led to the development of state-of-the-art options, including the Enersys forklift battery line. This is an American-made battery, designed to stand up to the demanding use in any application throughout the country.

Long Life

With just basic maintenance, including proper charging schedules and correct battery watering, the Enersys forklift battery will last for hours longer than other types of forklift batteries.

Additionally, the different lines of the Enersys batteries from the Express through to Loadhog and Workhog models, as well as The General or the HUP battery, provide longer working hours per charge that comparably priced batteries on the market.

Options to Consider

The different lines of Enersys forklift battery models provide various options in plate from flat to square tubular. The batteries also provide some of the longest warranties, including up to a 5-full year warranty with the options for a plus 1 or 2-year warranty.

The batteries are also designed for different water requirements. Most are recommended for weekly checks for water levels, but the Deserthog battery will only require water every 4 to 6 months even with standard use in a wide range of different applications.

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