Take The Guesswork Out Of Buying Boat Stands For Sale

If you are looking for boat stands for sale, it will be very important to buy models that are durable, safe and rugged. These are most commonly used in boat yards, but they can also be used to put a boat up for a winter in a storage garage or even outdoors on residential property.

It should be obvious to anyone that buying boat stands for sale starts with understanding the size and the weight of your boat. This is necessary to know how many pairs of stands will need to be purchased. Typically for a 20-foot boat, you will need two pairs of stands as a minimum number with one more set used for every additional 10 feet of the boat.

Sailboats typically also use one stand with a V-shaped head for the bow in addition to the two sets of stands down the side.

Positioning the Stands

All boat stands for sale are designed to be used on level surfaces that are firm enough to hold the stand. Most of the stands will have a triangular base that supports the three legs. This shape not only maximizes the weight bearing ability of the stand but the triangular frame on the ground distributes the weight to stop the stand from digging into the ground. This, in turn, prevents one side of the boat from shifting if it should sink into soft ground without the other side also settling at the same level.

For very soft soil, it will be necessary to make a firm foundation for the base of the stands. This can be any type of damage from wood to matting to further distribute the weight over the hard surface.

The tops of the stands should be padded and easy to raise, lower and position so they are firmly against the hull of the boat before the trailer is removed. Look for stands that allow you to easily position the head without a complicated process as you may well be doing this operation on your own.

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