Taking Stock Of Steel Pipe Suppliers

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Industrial Supply

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In many different types of industries, steel pipe is used to provide a durable, cost-effective and very rugged option for transporting large volumes of liquids, slurries, and semi-solids through a system.

There are different options in steel pipe from stainless steel to carbon steel and even pipes that require painting and epoxy coatings on both the interior and the exterior of the pipe. Understanding what is required for the specific job is important, but choosing the best of the steel pipe suppliers will be even more essential.

Ideally, choosing steel pipe suppliers should be done with a focus on more than just the price of the pipe. While the cost factor is important, it is only one essential consideration when choosing a supplier that offers quality products and dependability with order fulfillment.

On-Hand Stock

Not all suppliers that advertise they supply steel pipe carry a significant on-hand or in-stock inventory. Many keep a small inventory of standard sizes and then order from manufacturers for larger volume requirements.

This can add days to turnaround time from order to delivery. Often these companies also lack the ability to offer direct shipment from the manufacturer of the pipe to the customer, which adds on additional time.

Always consider the typical stock available from the steel pipe suppliers under consideration. This should include the types of steel pipe you will require on a job from stainless steel to carbon steel pipe. A few specialized suppliers also offer cement lined steel pipe that is ideal for many water works applications where internal corrosion may be a factor.

Look for the support and services offered by the supplier as an important consideration. Some companies offer direct shipment from the manufacturer, the ability to supply to specific lengths and other services that are a cost-saving consideration.

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