Technicians Providing Heating Services in Camp Hill, PA, Offer Useful Tips

If you are frustrated with a natural gas bill that seems too high or rooms that feel chilly or a bit drafty in the winter, you might consult your heating technician about this during the annual maintenance appointment. Technicians providing heating services in Camp Hill, PA, are knowledgeable about common ways that homes lose heat and allow in cold air. They can offer suggestions on how to resolve these problems.

Inadequate Insulation

Sometimes household residents find that they have to keep the thermostat set to a higher temperature than they normally would on very cold days or the furnace doesn’t seem to keep up. This is a sign that part or all of the home has inadequate insulation. The walls may feel cold too.

If this is the case with your residence, you can save substantial money on heating and cooling bills by having more insulation added where it should be. Technicians offering heating services in Camp Hill, PA, are familiar with this problem, particularly in houses built before the 1960s.

Inadequate Ductwork

Heating and cooling technicians might suggest adding an extra duct pipe and register to a room located far from the air exchanger connected with the furnace and air conditioner. This would fix problems with that room being too warm in the summer and chilly in the winter. Climate-controlled air essentially is being lost during the long route to that area with only one duct pipe and vent.

For maintenance service and tips on better climate control, reach out to Thermotech Inc using the contact information.

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