The 4 Best Sites to See on a New York Helicopter Tour

While walking in the trenches of the big city can be exciting to a visitor, it is hard to truly enjoy the splendor of New York City from the ground. It isn’t coincidence that many movies and TV shows feature footage of New York from above, and you don’t have to be a movie executive to be able to experience the same view.

Enjoy the best views of the Big Apple with a New York Helicopter Tour.

The Statue of Liberty
A New York Helicopter Tour isn’t complete if you aren’t able to see the face of New York’s most iconic copper lady. However, almost 4 million people visit the Statue of Liberty every year. If you want to get the best view of Lady Liberty, one of the best ways is to see her in the air. Imagine being almost face to face with her, while other visitors admire the view from inside.

The Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge
Bridges are known for stressful traffic jams, and often times, you can spend your entire life looking at bridges from the shore, or looking from bridges onto the sea.

To actually look at a suspension bridge, in all its splendor, is a sight that you can truly appreciate from the air. Try to select a helicopter tour that takes you close enough to appreciate the architecture and building ingenuity of the iconic Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Central Park
Central Park is iconic enough as a gorgeous patch of park amid an urban jungle, but from the air, you can truly appreciate how different it is from its surroundings.

From the air, Central Park is a perfect rectangle of green, fenced in by buildings and streets. Imagine being able to “access” this park without having to step into traffic! With a New York Helicopter Tour, you can see the way the park trails intertwine between trees, open fields, and around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. It’s a site that you can only appreciate from above.

The Empire State Building
You will probably never be a giant gorilla, but you can feel like one during a New York Helicopter Tour. Choose a tour with an itinerary that lets you get a view of the Empire State Building. From the safety of the helicopter cabin, you might even have a better view than King Kong.

Reserve Your New York Helicopter Tour
Are you ready for the side of New York City that you have only seen in the movies? See every site listed above and more on the “Grand Tour,” or spend more time looking at the iconic sites you love with the “Liberty Tour” or “Central Park Tour.”

Contact New York Helicopter today to reserve your seat on one of the best New York Helicopter Tours in the industry.

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