The Advantages Of Using A Brass Needle Valve

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Manufacturing

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There are many different materials used in the manufacturing of valves for all types of industries. Today, many high purity types of systems require the use of PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene, which is also known as Teflon. This material is used on the inside of the valve to reduce friction, prevent material from collecting in the valve and also to increase the life cycle of the valve.

However, PTFE and other types of plastics, including PVC, are not ideal for all applications. In many applications, the use of traditional metals, such as brass, provides a durable, long-lasting valve with the ability to stand up to very challenging types of operating conditions.
In many applications, a brass needle valve, which is a flow regulator valve, is the best possible choice. Understanding the benefits of brass and also the advantages of a needle valve for fine control of air or gas through a system allows engineers and repair professionals to make the right choice in replacement parts.

Why Use Brass?

A brass needle valve is an ideal option for many types of applications. Brass is highly resistant to corrosion, which means it can be exposed chemicals, cleaning solutions and even water without any surface damage to either the interior or the exterior of the valve.

It is also low cost to produce, which helps to keep the cost of valves down. It can be used in high or low-pressure types of applications and does not have the stress failure rates of other types of plastics when used in high-pressure systems.

The Needle Valve Advantage

For vacuum systems to provide suction or for moving air through lines where fine control of the flow is required, the needle valve is always a good choice. The brass needle valve is used in small diameter tubing and pipes where precision control of the flow or suction through the system has to be easy to turn on and off a well as control with just a few turns of the valve spindle.

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