The Benefits and the Cost of a Using Rebuilt Transmissions in Madison

There is no question that repairing your vehicle’s transmission can be expensive. However, there are certain times when your transmission is simply too damaged to be repaired. Replacing your transmission can be an expensive and lengthy process, but in order for your vehicle to operate, it’s going to need a working transmission.

Things Go Wrong

Sometimes a transmission will seize up and you won’t be able to put the vehicle in gear. Other times a transmission will begin to falter and this can affect your fuel mileage. Whatever the case may be, if you have to have your transmission replaced, you’re going to be left with two options.


The first option is to have a Rebuilt Transmissions in Madison. This is going to cost you a bit less than a new transmission, as rebuilt transmissions tend to be cheaper than out-of-the-box new transmissions.

Buy it New

The second option is a brand new transmission. You do need to understand that you can expect to pay a good deal more for a brand new unit.

Why Buy Rebuilt

The benefits of a Rebuilt Transmissions in Madison is that the entire unit has been taken apart, all the gears and sequencers and been replaced, the body of the transmission has been reconditioned and for all intents and purposes, it is like new. Not bad for a lower price.

What’s more, many transmissions that are rebuilt come with a warranty. When you’re spending as much as you will on replacing your transmission, any savings you can find will help.

The Cost of Installation

Another thing that you want to consider when having your transmission replaced is labor. Whether you choose a rebuilt or new transmission, the bulk of your repair bill is going to be taken up by the labor involved in taking out your old transmission and putting it in the new unit. The reason for the high labor costs is that for many vehicles, is that it can take a lot of time to take out the necessary parts to actually reach the transmission.

If you’re in a situation where your transmission needs to be replaced, speak to the transmission facility that will be doing the replacement and asked about having the option of using a rebuilt transmission instead of the new one. You may find that there are great savings waiting for you.

Trans Works Transmissions LLC is a professional transmission dealer that offers the best quality rebuilt transmissions in Madison. Contact them at (608) 742-5136.

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