The benefits of a fast drying hand dryer for washrooms

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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There are a number of features that should be taken into account when purchasing a hand dryer, among them are cost, noise, energy consumption and, perhaps above all else; speed. There is also the environmental impact to consider. A fast drying hand dryer for washroom has a very small impact on the environment, only a small amount of power. Paper towels on the other hand have a significant environmental impact. Every ton of paper manufactured pollutes 7000 gallons of water and requires 17 full grown trees and this is without the fuel that is burned.

Cost savings:

A fast drying hand dryer is extremely efficient, even more so when they are coupled with an infra red sensor that turns the unit on and off depending on need, not time. A fast drying hand dryer for washroom can easily be 90 to 95 percent cheaper than using paper towels and even less than conventional hand dryers.


Hygiene is a genuine concern for building managers, thus touch free washroom equipment is a must. Taps that operate using a sensor, urinals that are sensor operated and hand dryers are all essential to maintaining a clean, bacteria free environment.

When the public come into contact with washroom fixtures there is a high risk of cross contamination. Touch free, high speed hand dryers are energy efficient and totally eliminate contaminated paper towel waste.

Washroom management:

When a fast drying hand dryer for washroom is installed there are several benefits when it comes to staff deployment:

  • No dispensers to run out of paper towels
  • No need to reorder and store paper towels
  • No waste; no waste receptacles to empty

Waste paper towels are a major problem; vandals use them to block toilets and sinks and to litter the washroom. None of these problems exist in washrooms fitted with fast drying hand dryers.

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