The Benefits of Moving to the Student Apartments in Charlottesville, VA

As an upperclassman, you may no longer be well served by the dormitories on campus. They are too small and crowded to accommodate your current lifestyle needs.

Instead of trying to live comfortably in a dorm room, you can find a place nearby into which to move. You can take advantage of what the student apartments in Charlottesville, VA, can offer to older college students like you.

Close to Campus

Despite being an upperclassman, you still need easy access to campus. You do not want to live all the way across town and face driving long minutes each day just to go to class. You also do not want to have to pay for a parking permit to drive and park on campus.

Instead, you can move to apartments that are close to campus, so close that you can walk to and from classes. You avoid having to drive and park in a crowded parking lot. You can get to and from your lectures within minutes just by walking from your apartment.

Independent Living

The units are also designed for independent student living. You can make your own meals and come and go as needed. You avoid having to contend with meal plans, curfews, and other rules that make dorm living restrictive and stifling.

Learn more about Lark on Main and about the student apartments in Charlottesville, VA, by visiting their website today to find available units, submit an application, and get more details.

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