The Benefits Of Stamped Concrete Pads

Stamped concrete pads are ideal for patios, walkways, driveways and pool decks. Stamped concrete surfaces are created in a similar fashion to a conventional poured concrete pad. As stamped concrete surfaces are prepared on site there is a host of design choices available, the concrete can be color coordinated with your home prior to pouring and once poured, is stamped with a design of your choice. Common stamped concrete designs include stone, tile, bricks, etc; the result is a strikingly beautiful pad that has been installed quicker at less cost.

As well as beauty, a concrete pad has other benefits:

  • Practical: As the slab is monolithic it will not easily crack or settle; this is very different than what is expected when individual pavers are employed. A full pad ensures that there will not be unwanted weed growth between the pavers.
  • Ease of maintenance: As the color is impregnated during construction, it lasts for years as does the design. These surfaces can be easily swept and washed lie any plain concrete surface.
  • Solid and resistant: There are times when concrete pads will be subjected to heavy loads; this is particularly true when the technique is employed on driveways, car parks or garages. A homogeneous pad is far less likely to crack and sink.
  • Climate is not a problem: If the installation is in an area of the country where freezing temperatures can be expected or in parts of the country where salt water is an issue, a protective coating can be applied making it resistant to extremes.
  • Increase your homes resale value: Stamped concrete pads add considerably to the curb appeal of any home, the initial investment, although slightly higher than a conventional concrete slab, will be paid back in the event the house is sold.

When you compare the features and benefits of stamped concrete pads over precast pavers, asphalt or brick you soon realize what stamped concrete has to offer.

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