The Best Mold Removal in San Francisco

If you aren’t familiar with mold issues, the first thing to know is that mold has been widely accepted as the asbestos of our time. Given that San Francisco has a damp climate and many old buildings, it is an easy place for mold to grow. Mold is often undetectable and can cause a variety of illnesses such as asthma, allergies, eye irritation, sinus infection, tiredness, headaches, depression and even seizures. For property owners, not only are you at risk but if you’re renting to tenants, you could be risking a major lawsuit. Let’s discuss some of the important factors of mold removal in San Francisco.

Preventive Testing

Before you purchase or rent a home, always conduct a mold inspection. You don’t know if there was water damage prior to you living there and for your safety it is a smart precaution.

It’s important you do not try to remove the mold yourself. Do not wait until you think you might have a mold problem to get a test done. By then, you may have been exposed for quite a long time. Make sure the person doing your mold testing is licensed. There are quite a few people offering testing services that are not qualified. Stick with companies that specialize in mold testing and removal. You may want to use two different companies, one for testing and one for removal. This ensures that the company is not ‘double dipping.’

Here are a few things to look for once your mold test is complete. First, make sure you ask to see the mold technician’s license; don’t feel bad about asking to see credentials. Second, the technician should test the air and make tape swabs. Finally, ask to see the laboratory test results and have them explain it to you so you know which areas in your house are safe and which need to be cleaned. If they refuse to do any of these steps, choose to work with a different company that can provide adequate customer service.

Indicators of Growing Mold

Some of the more obvious indicators of mold are a mildew smell, discoloration of the walls or a sudden onset of health symptoms. Mold comes in many colors and in spots that are pink, black, and green. Look for mold in under-the-sink cabinets, in closets, on the walls and ceilings near showers and near floorboards. Basements and areas without natural sunlight are more prone to mold development. Mold can develop behind wall paper, drywall or under carpet. Remember, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

If you do have a water leak or notice one, it is important to get mold testing. Floods or burst pipes may leave water sitting in drywall or flooring so be sure to test for mold if you have water damage.

Quality Service Checks

Once you have determined that you have a mold problem, find a company with good ratings to complete your remediation. You do not want to procrastinate on removing your mold as it is a very serious issue. The best companies for mold removal in San Francisco will respond within half an hour. Many of the home remedies for mold removal are ineffective. Many people try to use solvents like bleach or vinegar but it should be left to a trained professional. Mold remediation companies will work with your insurance company. Also note that as long as you are insured you should not be paying out of pocket for your mold removal. Renters should not be held responsible for paying for mold removal at any time. The company should also complete a mold test after the removal process and show you the results.

When it comes to mold removal, San Francisco has a fleet of helpful technicians ready to help you protect your health and family. Try not to underestimate the seriousness of knowing if you have indoor air pollution. If you suspect mold, don’t wait to get a test. San Francisco receives a lot of rain and has a lot of old homes with single pane glass and poor insulation. Remember that you live in a breeding ground for mold and you need to take every precaution to protect your health and your loved ones.

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