The Best SSDI Lawyers in Stockton Assist With Claims and Appeals

The U.S. government denies more than 60% of initial claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Often, denials happen because the applicant left out some necessary information or completed the form incorrectly. For this reason, filing with the help of the best SSDI lawyers in Stockton is advantageous. Those attorneys know everything required for a successful claim.

Filing Appeals and Second Claims

If the person has already filed a claim and received a denial notice, the best SSDI lawyers in Stockton can help with an appeal. It’s important to appeal as soon as possible because the Administration can take months to respond. In the meantime, the individual could experience increasing financial problems.

People may file their own SSDI appeals, but having an attorney significantly boosts the chance of approval. Another option is to wait and file a second claim instead of appealing the denial. However, this means the lump sum payment will only be retroactive to the date of that second claim, not the first.

An Independent Medical Exam

The agents consider many factors in an appeal. Since no two cases are exactly alike, certain factors may be more relevant in one situation than another. The applicant may be asked to have an additional physical evaluation by a different doctor if the Administration feels the patient’s own physician might not be objective enough.

Getting Started

SSDI lawyers typically do not charge their clients until the Administration approves the claim or appeal. Free consultations can be scheduled with Pena & Bromberg.

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