The Choice To Use Precision Metal Fabricating Services

Creating shapes or forms in a metal of any kind, but particularly in sheet metal fabrication, can be accomplished in several different types of operations. For example, it is possible to fabricate a part or component out of metal by cutting out parts from sheet metal, plate or bar and then welding those parts together.

The issues with this type of grouping of processes are the added cost and time in the multiple operations. It is also important to consider the tolerances required, with the higher the number of processes the more challenging it becomes to provide precision parts and components.

The Stamping Process

A better option used in precision metal fabrication is metal stamping. This process can be used on stainless steel, brass, copper, and carbon steel sheets. The use of high pressure and precision die form and shape the sheet metal to exacting standards.

With precision metal fabrication, the sheet metal, at room temperature, is forced through a single die or a progressive series of die to create the ideal shape. This is done either through CNC control or manual processes. It offers precision work with each piece created to the tolerances of the die.

The use of stamping for precision metal fabrication does not require the addition of heat. Without the need for heat, there are no internal structural changes in the metal, meaning no additional heat treatment processes to relieve internal stress formed through operations such as welding and machining. This also allows for faster turnaround time on orders, which is an essential consideration for both small and large volume production runs.

Additionally, the equipment can be set up to dramatically reduce any waste, which provides a cost-effective way to produce precision parts and components. Top fabrication services also provide secondary value-added operations such as assembly, kit packing, spot welding, nut welding and brake press forming.

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