The Complexity Of Moving To The United States

Many people dream of moving to the United States, to live and work in a country free from oppression and poverty. Moving from one country to another is not as simple as simply showing up at immigration, the process is complex, frustrating and can be very time consuming. The consequences of making an error in the application documentation can prove to have serious consequences and as a result the majority of immigrants to the US turn to immigration lawyers in Chicago for assistance.

Do you need legal help?

Immigration law, especially in the US is politically divisive; as a result the law has become extremely complicated and is constantly being amended and revised. Not only are the laws complex, there are at least three major government agencies involved in the administration of immigration. Many people that are contemplating emigrating to the US turn to departments such as the Immigration and Naturalization Service assuming they will get help with what it is they have to do. It is a mistake to rely on these officials, bear in mind:

  • They are not responsible for or liable for information they might provide

  • As enforcement agencies their focus is keeping people out, not helping them get in

  • The agencies lack the resources to assess your particular situation and often the offers are not familiar with the nuances of immigration law

Even if you manage to complete the application, filling in all the blanks and providing what you believe the authorities want the fact that you are a neophyte can lead to mistakes that will cost time and money to correct.

When you engage immigration lawyers in Chicago early in the process they can give you an honest assessment of your particular case and advise you on the options that are available. The lawyers will work closely with you, preparing your case for presentation to the agency handling your petition.

If you are considering moving to the United States it is best if you decide right from the outset to hire seasoned immigration lawyers in Chicago to help. You are invited to discuss your case with the lawyers at Din Law.

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