The Contemporary Gas Fireplace – How the Direct Vent Version Functions

For many decades, fireplaces have been the central theme of homes throughout the United States. The tradition of enjoying time together in front of the fire is a family on a cold winter night is remembered and even enjoy today by many people. In particular, the old-style wood-burning fireplaces of the past gave off the pops and crackles of the flames shooting out along with the scent of burning wood. Today, however, the way we enjoy a fire has changed to a certain degree. The contemporary gas fireplace functions in a much cleaner system and with much greater efficiency. The direct vent gas fireplace does not require the cleanup work of past fireplaces. It also provides an efficient heating solution that far exceeds the efficiency of those fireplaces of the past.

Fireplace Function

Gas field contemporary fireplaces function within a closed combustion system inside of a metal box frames into the fall of the living area. These units can be installed in an existing home or built into new home construction.

Many modern gas fireplaces transfer any harmful gases from the fireplace unit to the outside through a vent. You can have one of these units installed even if you have an existing fireplace with the chimney. These modern systems disperse heat into a living area with great efficiency also keeping the indoor air quality stable.

Venting Options

Many options are available with the installation of a contemporary gas fireplace. The venting process can be carried out through the use of rigid or flexible pipes. Flexible pipes can be routed around obstacles in a wall that are inconveniently positioned. You can vent the gas of 45 degree angle from the top of the unit for the most efficient route possible to the outside air.

These units can be placed in various rooms within a home, including the den, basement, living room, and bedroom, just to name several.

A contemporary gas fireplace is a great option if you want to enjoy a cozy heat with your family anytime during the year when the temperatures dip. Contact a fireplace supplier today to learn more about the types of units you can potentially have installed in your living spaces.

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