The Custom Advantage

Custom built cabinets offer the homeowner the greatest creative flexibility when planning a personalized kitchen. Normally built by cabinetmakers in the local area, the cost can be high because nothing is built on an assembly line. Every part must be designed, assembled, finished and installed. The process takes more time and money than off-the-shelf cabinets, but the end result is rewarding.

Advantages of Customization

Amy McEvoy says the top advantages afforded by customization are flexibility in materials, style and finishes. Made to your order and specification cabinets can be tailored in design and size to fit the needs of your unique kitchen vision. While every custom order has its challenges, cabinets can be created by the professional to create a functional kitchen. Endless shapes, designs, finishes and accessories are available with a custom package that is limited only by the imagination. With custom cabinets, you are sure to get your dream kitchen.

Count the Cost

Yes, creativity comes with a higher price tag than off-the-shelf cabinetry. But the quality of materials and the workmanship must be considered when making the decision whether or not to order custom cabinets. Just as Delray Beach is noted for its art galleries, a home will be noted for the unique artwork in the cabinets of the kitchen. The modern consumer wants a unique and personalized kitchen and that can only be had with a custom plan.

Planning Ahead

Because a custom kitchen is wanted, a plan must be made before ordering, building, installing and finishing can be accomplished. Cabinetmakers are sure to have the experience to help the homeowner from start to finish creating a plan that fits their dreams. Blueprints with exact dimensions may seem to add time and effort to the work, but will save time and money in the long run.

You may not live in Delray Beach but you can have an artistic kitchen with custom built cabinets that will last years beyond the cheaper commercial cabinets. So consider the advantages, count the cost and plan ahead.

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