The Differences In Local And Long Distance Movers In Birmingham, AL

There are two types of moving companies in Birmingham, AL, offering moving services within a small geographic area or throughout the state and the nation. These are local and long distance movers.

It can sometimes be confusing for people planning a move to understand the difference. Hiring the right movers will be important both for the safety of your items and furniture as well as the quality of services you can expect. Most long distance moving companies, and specifically the large companies, offer both local and long distance services. Smaller local movers tend to only work within a limited geographic range.

What is Local and Long Distance?

Local movers often limit their range of services to a specific distance from Birmingham, AL. This could be a hundred mile radius of the city or slightly more. In some cases, a local mover may offer services within the state, but these are the larger companies with multiple trucks and crews.

The long distance movers are companies licensed to transport across state lines. These companies will have additional insurance, licenses and the necessary registration to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards.

Other Differences

Billing for local and long distance movers is also different. Many local movers will charge a flat rate for the move based on the amount to be moved and the number of hours for the move.

Long distance moving is billed on the weight on the truck, mileage, and other relevant factors. With both types of moves additional stairs, the need to use elevators, the proximity of the truck to the pickup and delivery destination and other factors will also be included.

With local moves, the moving crew is usually the same for both pickup and delivery. With long distance moves the crew loading the truck and the crew unloading the truck will be different, but both crews should be trained, insured and experienced.

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