The Elderly Companion Nurse: Definition And Services

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Healthcare

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When the elderly remain in their homes, unable to leave, they require a support system. For some, family caregivers step in. For others, however, the circumstances dictate otherwise. While some may need a companion, others may require an elderly companion nurse.

Elderly Companions/Nurses

Elderly (home) companions are individuals hired to ensure a homebound senior has company. The companion is there to help in a variety of ways. Not only do they sit, talk and provide stimulation and distraction to the elderly individual, they also perform domestic duties including:

* Errands

* Grocery shopping

* Laundry

* Light housekeeping chores

* Meal preparations

The elderly companion nurse might perform these tasks as part of her care plan. However, the stress in this relationship is on “nurse.” The job focuses on nursing tasks including:

* Assessing the current medial state on a daily basis

* Consulting with other medical professionals on the present condition of the individual and any future developments

* Ensuring the individual is aware of what medication s/he needs to take

* Making certain the medication is in the appropriate dosage and order

* Communicating with medical professionals and family members (if so desired by the patient or another legally entitled individual, e.g., executor guardian) about the current situation

* Talking with the family in general about the care plan and related permitted matters

Being a companion nurse is a responsibility. It demands confidentiality, an awareness of legal and medical responsibilities. The position also requires the nurse truly be a companion to the elderly individual for whom they are caring.

Elderly Companion Nurse

Many individuals must work together to ensure a senior remains safely and comfortably at home. While companions are excellent for addressing domestic needs, sometimes this may not prove sufficient. If medical issues are present, it is best to arrange for an elderly companion nurse. S/he will work with all invested parties to ensure the health, comfort, and security of the senior is a priority.

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