The Enduring Appeal of the Everlasting Diamond

The diamond is the most popular gemstone for jewelry worldwide. This has been the case for decades, and does not look to change soon. Though other stones are gaining popularity in settings such as fashion jewelry and even engagement rings, the diamond endures as one of the most widely-requested and beloved gems of all time.

Why is this? Why do so many people prefer diamond jewelry? The answers are what makes the diamond a cut above every other gem.


Diamonds are a beautiful stone, and are perceived as the gold standard among consumers. This reputation only enhances their symbolism, one of the primary reasons people choose diamond jewelry for loved ones. Some other symbolism associated with diamonds includes:

  • Clarity/transparency. Diamonds are typically bright and clear, reflecting light beautifully. This clarity reflects the honesty and openness between loved ones and family members.
  • Hardness. Diamonds are everlasting, a perfect symbol for engaged couples to base their married life upon.
  • Purity. The bright, white hue of diamonds when set in jewelry is another way of alluding to the honesty and purity young lovers enter marriage with, as well as the pure love we give to others when we present them with gemstone gifts.

Jewelers understand the symbolism behind the diamond, taking care to choose settings that reflect this to gift-givers and recipients, alike!

Beauty, Status & Price

Of course, the primary reason why so many men and women choose diamonds every year is because they are incomparable in their beauty. Diamond jewelry is some of the costliest, and while this may not be a selling point for some consumers, others have no problem investing in these attractive, meaningful pieces. Whether it’s for a celebration, as a promise of love and longevity or even as a treat to oneself, there are myriad reasons to invest in a diamond – or several! It’s no wonder why so many people the world over are still in love with this gorgeous gem.

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