The Enlightening History of the Lightbulb

Artificial lighting is extremely common in your life. It is so common that you probably do not even think of it all that often. It is hard to remember that even 100 years ago, the prevalence of electrical lighting was not common. In its relatively short lifetime, the lightbulb has gone through a number of advancements, which have made them safer, less expensive, and more energy efficient.

The Original Filament Lightbulb

Edison is well known for being the creator of the original filament lightbulb. The design was simple, just run electricity through a piece of metal until it was hot enough to emit light. The real challenge was to find a metal that would emit enough light, and that would not burn out in a matter of seconds. Eventually, after many unsuccessful attempts, Edison manage to create a working light bulb.

Fluorescents and Compact Fluorescents

Quite a bit later, the fluorescent light design was created. Inside a fluorescent lightbulb is gas including either mercury or argon, and when electricity passes through this gas, light is generated. This was meant for a more industrial purpose, as it had higher light output. Large sized rooms can be well-lit with much fewer light fixtures and lower power requirements when fluorescents are used. This is why they are still popular in commercial operations today.


LEDs are electronic pieces that emit light when a slight charge is passed through it. Unlike the filament bulb, LEDs are not going to burn out. They can still fail for other reasons, but their average lifespan is orders of magnitude greater. In Chicago, LED lighting is a great way to provide bright light, while keeping power requirements to a minimum. They are very bright, and with the high efficiency they stay very cool. This allows them to be used in applications where other types of lighting can cause dangerous situations. LEDs can also be sealed easily because heat transfer does not need to be considered.

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