The Exciting Career of Laser Skin Care Training

If you are interested in pursuing a beauty career but are uncertain where to begin one of the most interesting areas you can consider is laser skin care training. Both men and women use a number of treatments that require special training and that are offered both at spas as well as beauty clinics. People are looking for treatments for both hair removal as well as skin treatments and there is much to learn with many opportunities once you graduate.

Laser Hair Removal
In order to perform laser treatments people must be a Certified Skin Care professional. If you are interested in pursuing a career in beauty this is one of the options you can choose. Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles using a special laser that will heat up the hair follicle and stop it from producing hair. People do not mind this treatment when compared to painful shaving and waxing as it not only removes hair but also can eventually be permanent following several treatments.

You will be taught how to apply the treatment using a water-soluble gel that will help keep clients comfortable during their treatment. It will also help the pulse travel down the follicle more effectively. These pulses are applied to the area in question. Many patients seek laser hair removal for areas such as the upper lip and side burn areas for women and many men are pursuing chest or back hair removal. Most people will be completely hair free in about six to eight weeks and will require down time between sessions depending on the coarseness of their hair and the area receiving the treatment.

Laser Skin Care

There are a number of skin care treatments that use lasers including photofacials. Laser technology is used to assist clients boost their collagen to help smooth skin. They are also commonly used to remove brown spots resulting from aging as well as redness, broken capillaries and even spider veins.

There are LED facials which use narrow spectrum light which allows for smoother skin and can aid with issues such as acne and scarring. The laser can also kill bacteria that cause acne. The other type of laser is intense pulse light which is very aggressive and can be used for discolorations such as age spots as well as some types of scarring and issues caused by spider veins and capillaries. Photofacials also boost collagen which allows people to use laser treatments for a more youthful appearance.

Training in either or even both of these areas will offer you an exciting career in the beauty industry and once certified you will have a number of options for your career including spas and clinics.

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