The Facts About Teeth

Of all the parts of the human body, the teeth are one of the most important but most neglected parts. This is in spite of the fact that they are critical for nutrition and digestion. It is important to maintain good oral health by getting regular checkups at least every six months. For those who need a dentist in Queens, NY, the Dazzling Smile Dental group can provide all dental needs in house.

A baby’s first tooth typically appears as early as four months. The process of teeth growing is referred to as “cutting” since the sharp tip of the tooth cuts through the gums. For infants, the cutting process is painful and they experience teething, which can result in swollen gums and irritability. After the teeth initially grow in, children should be scheduled for their first appointment by seeing a dentist in Queens, NY or their local area.

Teeth are composed of four parts, with the enamel being hard outermost visible portion of the tooth. The enamel protects against sensitivity to hot and cold and protects the rest of the tooth from harsh effects of chewing. Enamel can wear over time due to highly acidic foods. When this happens, the dentin, the next layer of the tooth is exposed, and sensitivity to temperature change is increased because the surface of dentin is porous. The cementum is the outer layer of the root, which keeps the tooth in place. Both the dentin and cementum have the density of bone.

Teeth that get too weak due to wearing of the teeth or cavities can get damaged at the root level. The final part of the tooth, the pulp surrounds the sensitive nerve endings in the teeth. Most cavities can be repaired by any dentist, but matching the filling to the natural tooth color may be performed by a cosmetic dentist. The dentist in Queens, NY at Dazzling smile can help take care of both routine dental work and other services, such as orthodontics or Invisalign.

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