The Gas Fireplace – A Simple Alternative to the Wood Burning Fireplace

Are you looking for a low maintenance heat source? Do you enjoy a fireplace but do not want the work and concern of a traditional wood burning fireplace? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should look into purchasing a gas burning fireplace. A gas burning fireplace eliminates the maintenance of a wood burning fireplace by having zero soot or ash cleanup. A gas fireplace burns either natural gas or liquid propane, and can even lower the cost of heating your home through a furnace.

Two Types of Gas Fireplaces

There are many differences between gas fireplaces and wood fireplaces. Typically there are two different types of gas fireplaces, direct vented and unvented. Direct vented fireplaces have sealed combustion systems, meant to protect the indoor air quality through the use of outside air. The fireplace uses the outside air for the fire as well as taking out combustion exhaust from the home.

Unvented fireplaces are the opposite. They use indoor air for fire, leaving the combustion exhaust to vent into the home. Many of these models are illegal in some areas of the United States. Keep your eye out for this type of model during your search.

Tips for Purchasing Your Gas Fireplace

Purchasing your fireplace is a big addition to your home. Making sure that it flows with your homes style and that you are happy with the purchase is important when it comes to finally enjoying the benefits of your fireplace. Below are some tips that allow you to purchase the best fireplace for your needs.

* Decide on how you want to start your fireplace. For example, gas fireplaces can be started by a remote control, a match light, or a manual safety pilot. All are decent options, it is up to you which is going to fit into your lifestyle the best.

* Decide what “type” of wood you want in your fireplace. You will be able to choose the look of the wood that will be placed in your gas fireplace, choosing from pieces that are modeled after real wood.

* Decide if you want to use natural gas or propane. This decision is usually made off of the existing gas lines in your home.

Regardless of which type of fireplace you choose, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the warmth and appealing décor that this additional provides to your home.Gas Fireplace

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