The Halon Fire Extinguisher – Suppressing Electrical Fires

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Safety Equipment Supplies

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As it concerns the protection of computers, lab equipment, and other sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, it is vital to have the right type of fire safety extinguishers on hand. A particular type of fire extinguisher that is very effective at defeating electrical fires is the Halon fire extinguisher. Electrical fires can occur in many different types of locations, including businesses, homes, offices, kitchens, garages, bedrooms, and more. As well, these fires can occur in motor vehicles. Halon extinguishers are configured to defeat Class B and C fires, as well as Class A fires in some circumstances. These extinguishers use Halon gas that is liquefied and pressurized with nitrogen. These extinguishers dispense vapor that does not produce a static or cold shock, nor does it lessen the ability of the user to see properly.

Effectiveness of Halon Gas
The aircraft industry utilized a Halon gas for many years as a fire quenching agent. The gas is highly effective and clean, which keeps the object free from residue which has received the gas. Many aviation, electronic, and manufacturing companies understand the benefit that Halon offers as a fire suppressing agent. This fire suppressing solution has been useful in the military, commercial, and other industrial sectors. Tanks, aircraft, and ships can be protected effectively from the threats posed by dangerous fires with the use of a Halon fire extinguisher.

How Halons Defeat Fires
As well, Halon offers the additional benefit that it is electrically non-conducting. This gas has a considerable reputation of putting out fires successfully in the aircraft industry. The gas successfully quenches what is referred to as the fire triangle – this consists of oxygen, heat, and fuel that combines together to fuel a conflagration. Although this agent is highly effective, it must be used with considerable care due to the fact that the gas is toxic when inhaled.

The Current Halon Supply
Although the use of a Halon fire extinguisher has been proven effective, in the U.S. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) no longer allows the production of this gas. A number of other countries have also banned its production. Despite the ban on production, in the U.S., it is permissible to use existing supplies of Halon in fire extinguishers.

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