The Importance Of Estate Planning

No one wants to leave a legal mess behind for their family to sort out upon their death. Taking care of all these affairs early in life makes it easier in the future. Not only will your having planned well for the disposition of your estate upon your death lessen the burden on your family, it will ensure that the assets you wish to leave them are protected.

Why is estate planning important?

Having an estate plan and a will is important for people of all ages. If you want to control the disbursement of your assets upon your death, rather than have the government decide, you need to work closely with an estate planning attorney in Santa Ana.

Should you die without a will or an estate plan, your assets pass to probate court. Rather than you decide who gets what, a judge will do it for you. Your assets and children will be in the hands of someone else if your desires are not made known. A will and estate plan ensures it is your say that counts; not what the court decides.

What is an estate plan?

The word “estate” can be confusing for many people. When they hear it, their first thought is “why do I need to plan my estate when I don’t have one?” But you do have an estate, your assets are your estate and you probably have more assets than you realize.

Everything you own; your car, house, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc are all part of your asset base; your estate. Without having explicit instructions of who gets what, the court takes over and decides. Probate is a long, tedious procedure and jeopardizes your family’s future.

When you work closely with an estate planning attorney in Santa Ana you know that your estate plan will adhere to all state laws. The smallest error can result in your will or estate plan being contested in court, something you don’t want your family to go through.

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