The importance of Fall Restraint and Arrest Systems

It is vitally important for workers to stay safe when working from heights of six feet or more. Falls are a common cause of serious injury or even death in hazardous work environment. In the construction industry falls from elevation is the leading cause of death and this hazard has been the subject of many efforts by OSHA and similar organizations to improve awareness, educate employers and employees and encourage building a strong strategy to implement effective safety measures.

Other than avoiding fall hazards entirely, other protective measures include passive fall protections such as guard rails and barriers, and active fall protection solutions like fall restraint systems and/or fall arrest systems. Mobile fall protection systems are an investment that will pay off in the long run by saving money from fines, injury claims, and of course, these systems will save lives.

When it comes to active protection systems, the Penetrator line by Safety Rail Source LLC, is an example of a solution that helps prevent fatalities in multiple ways. It creates a heavy anchor that harnessed workers can attach to so that they are restrained from reaching the potential fall hazard. If a worker does fall from a height the devices (except for the Big Foot models) have a mechanism that releases spikes to help support the falling worker. Along with harnesses, leads, Goods racks and roofing materials boxes can help workers keep all necessary tools close by on the elevated work area.

Take a look at some of our mobile fall protection systems at Safety Rail Source LLC.

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