The Importance of Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa for a Sagging Roof Drainage System

Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa may be necessary if incidents of standing water in the drainage system keep occurring and there are no downspout blockages. Sagging gutters may not be noticeable from the ground, but even a small amount of dip in the slope can prevent rainwater from flowing to the spouts. In some instances, the drainage system was not designed properly in the first place.

The Risk for the Foundation and Basement Wall

Sagging gutters must be be returned to their proper position or rainwater is likely to spill over the edge onto the ground. During heavy rain, that spilling effect can become torrential. The main purpose of the roof drainage system is to channel water away from the foundation and the basement.

Sagging eaves troughs can actually make the situation worse because they direct a lot of water into one area on the ground instead of allowing the rain to stream over the roof evenly. Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa is essential to prevent serious damage from waterlogged soil around the house.

Signs on the Land

If nobody is home when the rain pours over the edge, signs can still be seen on the soil or grass where the water landed. Lines will form in the grass and especially in areas where there is no grass. In the soil, those marks last for a long time. Flowers and other ground cover decorative plants may show signs of damage.

Water Leaks Inside the Building

Another problem is when water spills over the other way and streams down the side of the house. During heavy rain, it actually may start leaking into the house if water gushes past the downspout.

Why Gutters Sag

Gutters usually begin to sag when the leaves and other tree debris are not removed as they should be. They clog up one or more downspouts and now standing water remains in the trough along with all the debris. That water is much heavier than the system is intended to support, so the fasteners start to pull away from the building. The problem can be fixed by workers with a company such as High Point Gutter.

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