The Importance of Legal Representation by a DUI Attorney in Twin Falls, ID

Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol can be upsetting and even scary. The person is at risk of losing the driver’s license for a significant amount of time along with having a hefty fine and possible jail time to deal with. This individual needs an experienced DUI Attorney in Twin Falls ID to provide an aggressive legal defense if he or she wants to fight the charge.

Possible Penalties

Even a first-time DUI offender in this state can be sentenced to six months in jail. This typically does not happen, but the judge has the option to impose this penalty if it seems justified. The maximum monetary penalty for first-time offenders is $1,000, an amount of money that can be a hardship to pay. Driver’s license suspension can last for six months.

The Lawyer’s Investigation

After accepting the person as a client, a DUI Attorney in Twin Falls ID investigates what happened and looks for problems with the entire procedure. Errors in procedure could convince the prosecution to drop the charge or a judge to throw the case out. There may have been issues with the way law enforcement officials handled the traffic stop or the gathering of evidence. For instance, police officers are not allowed to pull a driver over simply because they suspect intoxication. There must be a valid reason for the stop.

Reduced Charges

A lawyer with an organization such as Gariepy Law Offices may convince the prosecuting attorney to reduce the DUI charge to the lesser one known as wet reckless. The client would then be convicted of reckless driving with alcohol as a factor. Although this is still a relatively serious conviction regarding driving behavior, it has more lenient consequences than a DUI conviction. This negotiation might be possible if the driver’s blood alcohol content was just over the legal limit.

A Serious Legal Matter

It’s important to understand that even one conviction of DUI means the person now has a criminal record since Idaho considers drunk driving to be a crime. Effective legal representation is essential for having the best chance of establishing a defense. Visit Domain to get started.

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