The Importance of Machine Alignment in San Antonio

In order to ensure the proper function of a machine, businesses must maintain and monitor the equipment to ensure there is proper machine alignment in San Antonio. Any misaligned shafts and belts on rotating equipment can increase the risk of high repair costs and a substantial amount of downtime.

A machine that is misaligned can also damage seals and couplings which will lead to lubrication problems.

Preventing Problems from Misalignment

Listed below are a few tips to follow to help to prevent any potential misalignments and misalignment problems.

  • Do not rely solely on a visual inspection to check the alignment. An individual’s vision alone is an inaccurate way to determine the alignment of the machine. Dial indicators are available to assist in realigning but are not always a reliable source either. It is important to remove the dial indicator and re-install it after each adjustment is made.
  • Know the kinds of shaft misalignments. There are two basic kinds of shaft misalignments: parallel and angular. Parallel misalignments happen when the shafts are parallel with one another but are offset. An angular misalignment happens when the shafts are in an angle to one another. Consider both possibilities when checking if the machine is out of alignment.
  • Be sure to inspect the feet of the machine. At times an alignment may be caused when one foot does not sit flat on the base plate. If this occurs, a shim plate will be used to bring the machines back into alignment.
  • Document the alignment conditions. This task is important to do before the machine is removed from service. This will help determine if the Machine Alignment in San Antonio was properly detected, analyzed, and corrected.

Act Quickly

Any misaligned equipment will perform inefficiently, and increase the operational costs and maintenance costs. In addition, misaligned shafts can increase vibrations and frictions within the machine leading to larger repair jobs and ineffective work. It will also shorten the machine’s life expectancy. Proper realignment can turn the machine into a more efficient machine as well as provide knowledge for future machine problems. Contact Laser Precision today for more tips and information on realigning machinery.

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