The Importance of Pouch Seal Strength to Food Packaging Quality

Packaging is considered an emerging science that is critical to the food industry. The proper seal on food packages ensures its integrity and freshness. Due to the demand for fresh, safe food to eat, most manufacturers utilize some type of pouch seal integrity testing prior to shipping products out to the masses. This helps to ensure their product meets the stringent requirements set by picky consumers.

Some of the reasons these tests and the seals on food packages are so important can be found here.

Keep Food Fresh

Have you ever opened a bag of potato chips with your mouthwatering waiting for the crisp and delicious taste? Have you then suffered the disappointment that comes with discovering your chip is soft and stale? Unfortunately, this is an issue that still occurs all too often and typically it is the result if insufficient pouch seal integrity testing. The seal used for common foods, such as potato chips, is responsible for keeping what is inside fresh and crispy. If the seal isn’t applied properly, then the result is stale, tasteless chips.

Keep Food Safe

Another potential issue with food that isn’t sealed properly is that it won’t be safe to eat. For example, if the seal on a bag of lettuce isn’t intact and properly tested, it may let in contaminants. This can result in serious issues and health concerns for individuals if they do wind up eating it. It is absolutely imperative that food manufacturers utilize pouch seal integrity testing to ensure that the food they send out to be purchased isn’t contaminated in any way.

Taking the time to test the packaging that is used will ensure safe and delicious food for consumers. These tests will ensure the food package seal can withstand packing, shipping and use and retain its integrity.

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