The Importance Of The Right Commercial Roof Cleaning In Peachtree City

If you have a commercial property or you manage a commercial building you have probably been approached by a variety of different roof cleaning services. Most of these services will use a high pressure washing system to literally attempt to blast all the dirt, debris, algae and mold of your roof, but this type of commercial roof cleaning is not just cleaning, it is also causing serious damage that will shorten the life of your shingles.

The Problem with Pressure Washing

While there is nothing wrong with pressure washing siding, bricks, concrete or even treated wood, this is not the case with roofing materials. The reason for the difference has to do with how the shingles are manufactured. Top companies offering commercial roof cleaning in Peachtree City understand that, while pressure washing looks good, it is really removing the roof granules, those small pebbly grains on the shingle, that create the water resistant barrier.

In addition, if you have any shingles that are slightly raised, loose or curled, using a pressure washer is only going to create more of a problem. Shingles may start to lift more or even tear during the pressure cleaning treatment leading to increased risk of water leaks with the next rain.

The Alternative to Pressure Washing a Roof

There is a way to remove mold, mildew and lichen, and their associated stains and discoloration from a roof without the need for pressure washing. This is a process that is used by companies offering the best type of commercial roof cleaning.

Instead of using high pressure water and harsh chemicals these services providing commercial roof cleaning use a chemical cleaning blend that has been recommended by shingle manufacturers. In addition, after examining the type of contaminants or growths on the roof, the chemical blend can be modified to quickly kill the specific types of lichens, mosses, molds and algae that are present.

By gently spraying the solution on the shingles the growths on the roof are exposed to the chemicals. The chemicals are absorbed into the algae, lichen or mold and kill the organism. Then, with subsequent rains, the growths are safely, gently and effectively removed from your roof, leaving it looking clean and new.

By using this type of commercial roof cleaning services you won’t have the problems and loss of granules from your shingles. You will also avoid any possible issues with the warranty on your shingles and giving you the best possible solution.

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