The Many Industries Using Specialty Finishing

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Aluminium

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Specialty finishing is a field dedicated to creating safe and effective finishing material for industrial use. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Teflon, used in pots and pans to prevent food from sticking to surface during baking or cooking. Nowadays, almost every industry seems to have a use for this technology.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and military applications for customized coatings address the need for a significant reduction in friction and corrosion for materials under stress. Picture, if you will, a soldier on the field firing a revolver or automatic weapon that jams. Without specialty finishing, the equipment used by our military men and women might be a lot less safe.

Municipalities and Utilities

Metal rusts over time. It is a fact of life that costs billions of dollars a year in repairs and replacement. Coating metal with high-tech specialty finishing with exotic names like Rilsan nylon 11 (polyamide), thermoplastics and epoxy powders increases the useful life of these assets. Some uses involve water meters, railings, bridges, and other assets.

Medical Applications

To save lives, medical equipment has to be durable and reliable. There are thousands of patents on FDA-approved coatings use in medical and dental applications. Particularly useful for surgical procedures, special finishing offer coatings that increase the anti-bacterial properties of instruments and equipment.


If you love waffles made by your favorite breakfast place, then you probably owe a nod of thanks to numerous release and non-stick coatings used by restaurants, bakeries, and manufacturers all over the world. This specialty finishing reduces the need for expensive, unhealthy oils needed to create a low-friction surface.

Drive rollers and gears, tire molds, laminate, and wood flooring are just a few more industrial uses of the metallizing process that prevents parts from sticking to molds during the manufacturing process.

There are endless uses of specialty finishes, and the field and technology are always evolving. It is important to work with a qualified supplier with a history of excellent results.

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