The Most Important Checklist for Future and Potential Landlords

After much consideration, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and convert your property from a private, or perhaps even vacant, residence into a rental property. While this is the lucrative first step for your future as a property owner, it also comes with quite a bit of responsibility! Here is a short checklist of things to do to help you start off your journey into Las Vegas rental property management smoothly and safely.

Consider Your Home Appliances

If you lived in the rental property previously, there’s bound to be quite a bit of furniture you’ll have to move from the premises. Will that include your appliances, or not? Many rental properties include the important basics, such as refrigerators and stoves, while quite a few do not. The choice is ultimately up to you. However, it’s worth mentioning that, when it comes to Las Vegas rental property management, a property that already has the basics in place and ready to use will appeal to a much wider base of potential customers.

Assess the Property Before You List

You never know what sorts of problems could be lying underneath the surface of your property. It’s always best to go through and check for damage and issues before offering the property up to renters. By taking care of any problems beforehand, you will make things much more convenient for both your future tenants and yourself. Furthermore, a well-maintained rental property can be listed for higher rental rates, and will attract a suitable tenant much more quickly than a property that’s fraught with problems.

Switch Out the Locks

This final tip is especially useful if your property used to have previous residents. The last thing you or your tenant will want to worry about is someone else having total access to the property and dropping by uninvited. While it’s a small risk, altering the locks is still an important and secure step to keep in mind when it comes to responsible Las Vegas rental property management.

To learn more about Las Vegas rental property management and all that it entails, call RPM Las Vegas at (702) 478-8800 or visit their website.

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