The Most Stunning Live Edge Wood Tables from New York Artists

When it comes to designing a space that feels both modern and close to nature, you’ll want to contact the professional team from this studio in New York. Not only do they create some of the most stunning pieces of natural wood furniture you’re likely to find anywhere in the state, but they also help you achieve a natural look in your personal or commercial setting by creating stunning wall gardens.

Working with Trusted Companies You Know and Love

If you’re still not sold on this unique design opportunity, consider their body of successful work with companies from all over the globe. These designers have worked with reputable companies like Ford, Rachael Ray Studios, Rolex, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, and many more. Whether you’re looking for a live edge wood table in New York or a garden wall to breathe some life into your office space, these designers can help you transform your space.

Shop from the Collection or Create Your Own Masterpiece

One of the best parts about shopping with these designers is that you can choose a piece from the live edge collection or have someone create one from scratch just for you. This collection of live edge wood tables in New York has several unique styles of finished tables, so there’s plenty of examples to draw inspiration from.

Contact the professional design team at Naturalist to find out more about custom pieces, or shop their collection online to find wall gardens, outdoor furniture, and so much more.

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