The Newbie’s Guide for How to Buy, Prepare and Serve Lobster

Thinking about introducing lobster to your dinner table? Here is some quick info you’ll need to net success with your first attempt at lobster perfection!

Don’t Fear the Lobster

There are many American diners who hesitate to add lobster to their menus – either at home or while dining out – because they don’t know enough about it. Granted, lobster can look a little intimidating, at first. For those who have never prepared it, lobster may seem difficult to cook or keep fresh long enough to prepare it at all. However, with a few key tips in mind, you can give your taste buds a real treat – fresh, Maine lobster, right in your own home!

Buy It Fresh, Prepare It Quickly

The two biggest keys to success in creating a delicious lobster dish are to buy correctly and prepare directly.

First, buy your lobster fresh. When you go shopping, choose lobster that is still alive at the store, and an animal that has large antennae. This is a sign of a fresher lobster, which will yield a more delicious dinner once prepared.

There are many ways to prepare lobster, many of which are newbie-friendly. Some of the most popular include:

    Lobster stews, soups, and chowders.
*     Lobster salads, dressed in mayonnaise or creamy sauces or served over greens.
*     Lobster rolls, cakes or croquettes, adding familiar flavors to the new source of protein.

Whichever way you choose to serve your dish, you’ll be best served to serve it as quickly after purchasing as you can; lobster begins to break down the moment it leaves the water, so the fresher your catch, the better your meal!

Where to Go for the Freshest Lobster

Once you’ve decided how to prepare your lobster, you’ll want to purchase it as fresh from the sea as possible. The best way to do that in Boston is to buy lobster from Quincy Market. The restaurants and seafood distributors here source their products directly from the frigid Maine waters that deliver world-famous seafood taste to markets across the United States. Here, though, you have access to these tasty treats at their very freshest – something you can only say while you’re in Maine!

Visit this Boston landmark today, and take home or enjoy fresh lobster in Quincy Market. You’ll never settle for anything less again!

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